is a division of La Boiseterie that produces and distributes veneer and sawn lumber worldwide to industrialists or significant architectural projects.

Organized to meet the demands for quantity in quality products, we could hardly offer small quantities.

Wishing to respond favorably to customers looking for wood in small quantities, we launched

We offer veneer and sawn lumber in retail quantities and respond to special requests for particular projects through this online store.

Each piece of wood is, by nature, different; we are keen to attach photos of the sheet or the board corresponding to the proposed article in everything that will be possible.

Aware that the majority of our customers are not necessarily wood professionals, aware of the habits and customs of the profession:

We indicate for each product their dimensions to the narrowest and the shortest.

If certain products suffer from an open defect, such as a slit or a knot, the defect is reduced by measurement, except for qualities where knots and slits are the main characteristics (example: Burls).

Despite all the attention and care given to our products, we will replace or refund the item if you are unsatisfied.

The entire team is at your service; call us, contact us; we may have the wood or the product you are looking for.

Or, if you need some advice on using it, we've got you covered.

Olivier Guenard.

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