Add a splash of color to your life with dyed veneers!

Dyed veneers bring a touch of originality and modernity to your projects, boldly or subtly. There's something for everyone!

Our veneers are dyed in our workshops using artisanal techniques in a wide range of colors: over sixty different shades at the moment, with one or two new additions each week.

Deep dyed wood veneers

The wood species used are mainly plain and figured sycamore for all colors and pearwood for black.

We use food-grade and natural dyes, which are better for your health and the environment.

They are currently available in 50 cm lengths and will soon be complemented by 100 cm lengths.

Nothing like dyed veneers for personalized creations that let your creativity run wild!

Find all our dyed veneers HERE

Some of our customers' creations:

Gretsch guitare by AGL

watch dial by Bastien Chevalier

Phone case by Coque en Bois