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This summer, we will be taking a few days off. We will be closed from August 11th to August 20th inclusive.

When you marry the beauty of precious woods with the incomparable quality of high-fidelity turntables, it does your senses good. Audio Acoustique should be recognized as being of public utility.

The Maple Sycamore, more often called simply Sycamore, is the French and European maple par excellence. It is the most numerous variety of maple in our forests.

He is one of those people who more often has oil on his hands than splinters of wood. Michel refurbished the dashboard of his 1967 Triumph TR4.

With such an expression (beautiful as a boat), it has to be impressive, it has to shiny, and of course, it has to be fun, but not only. It is adorned with a Mahogany wooden bridge and Sycamore inlays, it is "beau comme un bateau."

This wood is appreciated in manufacturing furniture, decoration, the dashboards of luxury cars, guitar making, and old radio sets.

Youtube videos that have the wood on wood.

Considered in France as the noble wood par excellence, oak is the sacred tree of the Druids and also the tree under which Saint Louis dispensed justice.