April Fools' Day

On April 1st, it is customary to make a joke or to pin a fish on someone's back. This year it will be a fish, but what a fish!

We could have talked about square trees, all of whose veneer sheets would be of the same size.

Square log

Or about the veneers of this new hybrid rubber tree (rubber tree) whose veneer sheets can be stretched at will to cover the surface to be veneered.

Placage cahouchouc

But this year it will be a fish, but what a fish!

Lion Fish sebastian chevalier

A fish that comes straight from the shores of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

It was Bastien Chevalier who fished it out with virtuosity.

Bastien used scalpels and other surgical knives as a fishing rod. For bait, he used tinted sycamore veneers and a natural pear veneer for the background.

If you want to find Bastien's creations, here is the link to his website: BASTIEN CHEVALIER MARQUETERIE