With such an expression, it has to be impressive, it has to shine, and of course, it has to be fun, but not only.

Decorated with a Mahogany wooden bridge and Sycamore nets, it is as beautiful as a boat.

Beautiful as a boat!

Quentin and François are the creators of these boats like no other.

Like the Rivas, they use Khaya Mahogany and Sycamore Maple to cover the decks of their boats.

They are electric motor boats with no less than 4 hours of autonomy.

Due to their reasonable sizes, there is no need for a boat license to be the only master on board finally.

There are still a few places left in the order book. Hurry up; places are rare.

Find their website to contact them: BEAU COMME UN BATEAU

Beau comme un bateau will surprise you; moreover, they are beautiful.