Bubinga veneer for speakers that look great!

Bubinga Veneer for Speakers That Look Great!

Bernard wanted to give his speakers a makeover, and when you see the result, you have to say it was worth it!

His American Acoustic Research Holographic speakers deserved to be pampered.

To give them a makeover, Bernard chose a 0.5 mm thick Bubinga veneer, which he glued with vinylic glue using an iron.

This technique involves double gluing and drying the glue before assembly.

Warning: this technique does work but it should only be used if you have no other choice.

It has some drawbacks to be aware of before you start.

We will come back to this topic in a future article.

Our artist also encountered some difficulties: the veneer tends to crack when heated with an iron, so precautions must be taken.

In any case, the result is striking.

I let you discover the before/after: it speaks for itself!

speakers during the makeover

And after! Wow, these speakers look great, don't they?

speakers after the makeover