For some, marquetry is a hobby, for others a profession elevated to the rank of art. But for Sèb, it's child's play...almost.

He's reinventing marquetry with the laser!

With Sèb and his Youtube channel Sèb Créations Bois, marquetry becomes child's play!

Personally, I was blown away by the ease with which the laser allows you to achieve complex shapes.

So I invite you to discover all this in pictures! In this video, Sèb creates a marquetry inlay with oak veneer and herringbone pattern inlays in fiddled sycamore.

And that's just the beginning, Sèb has a series of videos in store for us on this technique, the first two parts are below:

Part 1: Marquetry Inlays

Part 2: The marquetery itself

When technology is put at the service of tradition, it's beautiful... we are captivated by these images!

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