Mahogany Sapelli edge band 34 mm

Mahogany Sapelli edge band 34 mm

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Mahogany Sapelli edge band 34 mm

Genuine wood edge band.

These edge bands are sold by linear meters.

Width: 34 mm.

Thickness: 0.5 mm.

With fleece back and without glue or adhesive.


Mahogany Sapelli edge band 34 mm


Fixed Width, parallel edges.

Length: Sold by the linear meter.

Width: 34 mm.

Thickness: 0.5 mm.

Product Description:

These edge bands are made of genuine wood with a fleece back and without glue, adhesive, or finish. 

These Bands are clipped parallel.

Generally, edge bands cover the edges (sides) of panels such as MDF, Plywood, Particle boards, etc...

This way, once laminated with veneers on both faces and edge bands on four sides, the base material will no longer be seen, thus rendering the aspect of a solid wood panel.

Edge bands may also be used for furniture or door edges.

Edge bands are easy to glue, like face veneers, either with traditional white wood glue or neoprene glue.

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The Species:

Common Names: Sapeli, Sapele, Sapelli Mahogany.

Botanic name: Entandrophragma cylindricum.

The Sapelli is an African species, and even if it's not a genuine Mahogany, it is part of the same family.

This Mahogany is a quarter-cut-stripy wood, giving the impression of successive contrasted dark and bright bands. 

Sapelli is a "classic" in bespoke guitar lutherie and is significantly appreciated in boatbuilding.


Veneers are rolled and well protected in a strong carton chosen to resist somewhat vigorous handling and delivered to you in good condition.


It is sold by the linear meter, decreasing prices upon quantity.

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201.214.04 BDC
164 Items

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